Nursery design trends to look out for in 2024

Nursery design trends to look out for in 2024

One of the many, many exciting parts of preparing for your little one’s much-awaited arrival is designing and bringing your dream nursery to life.

As you embark on the adventure of nursery planning, exploring the latest interior design trends can inspire you to craft a space that is not only beautiful but also functional and nurturing. But with so many design trends around, how do you choose? 

The good news is that in 2024, there is a nursery design style to suit every taste and preference, and you can customise it to make it your own. Let's delve into the top interior design styles for nurseries and discover how to bring them to life in your dream nursery. 

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The BabyRest Kaya in Teak

Quiet Luxury

2023 saw the rise of quiet luxury creep up across the board, from clothing, to hairstyles and even interiors. With its timeless feel and eternal appeal, its popularity is set to continue. Vogue defines quiet luxury as less a specific look, and more a vibe”. This style embodies polished, understated elegance with subtle touches of opulence. Brown is set to have its revival this year, with dark woods making a welcome return. The good news is that dark, rich woods are a classic sign of quiet luxury, bringing a sense of sophistication and warmth.  
To apply this style to your nursery, look for timeless furniture pieces crafted from high-quality materials, such as solid wood cots and dressers. BabyRest offers exquisite examples of quiet luxury with their range of nursery furniture, featuring sleek lines, refined finishes, and understated elegance.

There’s nothing that says quiet luxury more than artisanal pieces, and if you love thoughtful craftsmanship, you’ll love the
BabyRest Amara - a modern take on the Charles Eames era–inspired look, while the stately teak colour of the Kaya offers a beautiful dark wood option, taking its roots from mid-century styling. 
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The BabyRest Hague 


In contrast to the understated elegance of quiet luxury, maximalist design embraces a ‘more is more’ mentality. Bold mixtures of patterns, colors, textures, and objects create a vibrant and dynamic space filled with joy and personality. Maximalist nurseries can have fun experimenting with dopamine-inducing decor, layers and creativity.  
To incorporate maximalism into your nursery, dare to mix and match patterns, layer textures, and showcase your unique style through curated collections of art and accessories. BabyRest's wide range of beautifully crafted furniture offerings provide the perfect foundation for a maximalist nursery, with versatile pieces that can anchor the space while allowing for creative expression. From the Bailey, to the Hague, to the Amara, simply choose a beautiful cot of your choice and build from there - the [nursery] is your oyster!  


The BabyRest Tommi


(Warm) Minimalist

A perennial favourite, minimalism takes on a cosier, more inviting tone in 2024, with a shift towards warm minimalism that promotes serenity and mindfulness rather than a stark, clinical feel. Clean lines, simple forms, and a neutral colour palette create a serene and tranquil environment perfect for nurturing your little one.  
To embrace warm minimalism in your nursery, it’s all about adding cosiness through different textures and layers, for example combining rattan, lambswool and chunky knitted throws in the clean white or neutral tones you’re leaning towards. Focus on decluttering the space and ensuring each piece is not only functional (or ideally multi-functional), but beautiful - from the change mat to the nappy bin.

BabyRest's minimalist furniture designs feature sleek lines and timeless elegance, offering the perfect balance of form and function for your nursery. Consider the
BabyRest Tommi for its clean look with subtle warmth through the oak side panels or the Kaya in white or teak for the elegant profile with added rattan texture.  


The BabyRest Amara


Scandinavian (& Japandi)

Scandinavian design and Japandi design are two popular styles that prioritise simplicity, functionality, and natural beauty. Scandinavian design emphasises light, airy spaces, natural materials, and cosy textures, while Japandi design blends Scandinavian simplicity with Japanese elegance and craftsmanship.  

To create a Scandinavian-inspired nursery, opt for clean lines, light wood furniture, and soft, neutral tones. For a Japandi-inspired nursery, incorporate warm woods, minimalist furniture, and natural accents for a sense of harmony and balance. BabyRest's Scandinavian and Japandi-inspired furniture collections offer the perfect blend of style and functionality for modern nurseries.

For the light, warm wood and smooth, clean lines, look no further than the organic curves of the
Amara highlighting the grain of the wood for a truly intentional and harmonious finish. 

The BabyRest Torquay

Coastal Boho

Coastal boho design combines the laid-back vibes of coastal living with the eclectic charm of bohemian style. Think breezy textures, earthy tones, and natural elements inspired by the sea and sand. To create a coastal boho nursery, incorporate rattan furniture, woven textiles, and organic accents in shades of blue, green, and sandy beige.

BabyRest's coastal-inspired furniture pieces, featuring natural materials and relaxed silhouettes, bring the serenity of the coast into your nursery space. Perfectly paired with your coastal boho room is the BabyRest
Torquay, blending white with natural wood tones and rounded bars for a softer finish. 

The BabyRest Bailey


Hamptons style is synonymous with classic elegance and coastal sophistication. Crisp whites, muted blues, and natural textures create a timeless and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a high-end seaside escape.

To achieve the Hamptons look in your nursery, opt for white furniture with clean lines, classic stripes, and nautical accents. BabyRest's Hamptons-inspired nursery furniture, such as the
Bailey and Hague, exudes coastal charm and timeless elegance, offering the perfect blend of style and comfort for your little one's sanctuary. 


The BabyRest Beckett


Mid-century Modern

Mid-century modern design continues to be a popular choice for nurseries, thanks to its sleek lines, organic shapes, and functional design. Inspired by the designs of the 1950s and 1960s, mid-century modern nurseries balance form and function with timeless elegance. Enduring, artisanal designs are in and not going anywhere!  

Unlike many design styles where the cot acts as a building block to achieve the look, with your styling still playing a large role, bringing mid-century modern to life is near impossible without the right furniture. But don’t worry - to create a mid-century modern nursery, simply look for furniture like the BabyRest Amara, Kaya, Beckett and Tommi with their clean lines, tapered legs, and warm wood finishes. BabyRest's mid-century modern furniture pieces capture the essence of this iconic style, offering chic and sophisticated options for modern nurseries.  

The BabyRest Kaya in White

At the end of the day, designing your dream nursery is an opportunity to both express your style and create a nurturing environment for your little one. Whether you're drawn to the understated elegance of quiet luxury, the boldness of maximalism, or the classic simplicity of Scandinavian design, there's a nursery style to suit every taste and preference. With BabyRest's exquisite furniture collections as inspiration, you can bring your vision to life and create a beautiful and functional space that celebrates the joy of parenthood. 


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