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About Us

Follow Your Heart to BabyRest 


Family values - Big Dreams

For generations, our family business has dedicated itself to developing beautiful products that support the joyful experience of becoming a new parent. Our approach has never faltered - our products are safe and designed to make life simple, always striving to exceed standards and expectations.

Our story began in the 70s with a mother passionate about only the best nursery bedding for her own precious little ones. Fuelled by providing better sleep spaces for babies and toddlers, she developed a baby pillow that supported better sleep and development for her children, thus enhancing family life. And from here, BabyRest was born.

As the brand evolved, we expanded from just bedding into building out the nursery - the first place baby sleeps.

Too often the mattress is an afterthought to the cot itself. But not with us.

At BabyRest, we specialise in premium mattresses - along with nursery furniture collections, loved for their functional smarts and distinctive style which align to your home decor. 

BabyRest products are designed to last a lifetime. They're underpinned by our unwavering, proven and relentless commitment to safety, comfort and distinctive quality. Because nothing is more important.

We aim to exceed industry standards, we test with parents, and we are persistent in our pursuit to bringing you only the very best.

Throughout your parenting journey, one wondrous milestone will follow another, and you'll make countless choices for you and your baby. But before that big day, we're here to share the excitement, empower and reassure you, by helping chose the right products for your family.

The moment you touch a BabyRest product, you know it's built well, works safely and operates like a dream. It's like that first baby cuddle - love at first sight.

BabyRest is a family business, and we want what's best for new and growing families.

It's your time to enjoy the wonders of your baby. It's our job to keep them safe. 


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