Is this Australia's best nappy bin?

Is this Australia's best nappy bin?

Parenthood is a wild ride, filled with its fair share of both unmatched joys and unique challenges. One aspect that is often dreaded by many new and soon-to-be parents is the constant stream of nappy changes.  

But (no puns intended), amidst the wet wipes and blocked noses, there emerges an unexpected ally: the humble nappy bin. Often overlooked, this nursery essential can make the process that much easier at 3 am, not to mention keep the nursery smelling lovely and fresh for longer.  

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about selecting the perfect nappy bin for your baby's nursery, as well as introduce a bin we think hits all the marks! From odour containment to ease of use, size and even eco-friendliness, we'll cover all the essential factors to consider before making your purchase. You won’t want to miss this one… 


BabyRest nappy bin in Sage


What to look for in a nappy bin 

  1. Odour containment 
    When it comes to nappy bins, nothing is more important than odour control. Look for bins with effective sealing mechanisms and odour-trapping features to keep unpleasant smells at bay. Reading reviews from fellow parents can provide valuable insights into a bin's odour-containment capabilities. 

  2. Ease of use 
    With multiple nappy changes throughout the day, choosing a nappy bin that is easy to use is essential. Opt for bins with one-hand operation and a medium-sized opening for convenience without compromising on effectiveness. Avoid overly complex designs that make changing liners a hassle. 
  3. Size
    Select a bin that can comfortably accommodate a day's worth of nappies without becoming overly bulky. While larger bins may seem appealing for their capacity, consider the potential for increased odours with prolonged storage. Compact designs offer space-saving solutions ideal for smaller nurseries. 
  4. Cost efficiency
    The cheapest bins upfront can sometimes work out to be the most expensive over time… it’s all about the long-term costs associated with refill liners or cassettes. Some bins are only compatible with their own expensive liners or cassettes, so look for bins compatible with standard supermarket liners can lead to significant cost savings over time. Not only can you keep things simple buy simply using the liners you already use for your kitchen bin, but you could go the lavender scented or compostable route. It’s nice to have the option. 
  5. Child-proof features 
    For parents of toddlers, choosing a nappy bin with child-proof features is essential. Look for bins with secure locking mechanisms to prevent curious little hands from accessing the contents. It’s one thing you don’t want them to get curious about! 
  6. Eco-friendliness 
    With increasing awareness of environmental impact, most young families are eager to reduce their waste and leave a better planet for their children to inherit. Even if your bin is not made from recyclable/ recycled materials, many are still compatible with biodegradable liners or cloth nappies to reduce your carbon footprint. 


BabyRest nappy bin is available in Grey, Sage, Terracotta and White


Introducing the BabyRest Aster nappy bin 

As a standout option in the world of nappy bins, the BabyRest Aster offers unparalleled functionality and convenience for parents. Here's why it's a top choice:

  • Innovative design
    The Aster’s intuitive one-hand operation makes changing easier, allowing you to keep one hand on baby while disposing of dirty nappies. To use, simply flip the handle over for the opening to appear. Drop the dirty nappy into the opening, then flip the handle back over for the nappy to drop into the bag below. Never see a nappy (until you empty the bin). 
  • Superior odour control  
    The protective seal keeps all unpleasant smells firmly contained inside - regardless of whether the lid is open or closed. The BabyRest Aster always ensures a fresh and pleasant nursery environment. 
  • Stylish matte finish  
    Elevate your nursery decor with the BabyRest Aster's modern matte finish, adding a touch of elegance to any space. Available in Sage, Grey, Terracotta to match with your BabyRest Nova change mat. 
  • Cost-saving solution:  
    Say goodbye to expensive refill liners. The BabyRest Aster is compatible with standard supermarket bin liners, offering significant cost savings over time. 
  • Perfect size 
    With the ability to hold up to 25 newborn nappies/ 3 days’ worth, the BabyRest Aster provides ample storage without taking up unnecessary space in the nursery. It’s the perfect size - not so big that smells start to build up (hello Australian summers!), or so small that you need to constantly empty it in the wheelie bin. 

Choosing the perfect nappy bin for your baby's nursery is a decision that can significantly impact your daily routine as a parent. A true hidden hero, the right one can make your life much easier. 

By considering factors such as odor containment, ease of use, cost efficiency, and eco-friendliness, you can select a bin that meets your needs while improving your nursery’s smell and your changing experience. With its beautiful yet innovative design, superior odour control, and cost-saving features, the BabyRest Aster stands out as a top choice for parents seeking the best for their nurseries (and their noses!). 

Shop the BabyRest Aster nappy bin here here → 


The Aster’s intuitive one-hand design with superior odour protection


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