How to plan and design your dream nursery

How to plan and design your dream nursery

Nurseries symbolise new beginnings and the joy of welcoming a precious new life into the world. A cosy sanctuary, nurseries are home to many core memories as a new family, making them deeply sentimental spaces for both parents and children reflecting on their early years. 

If you’ve got a baby on the way and are wondering how to create a space that seamlessly fuses functionality with comfort and cosiness, you’ve come to the right place. Use these six simple steps to get the most out of your space.  


Step one: Take your time and research, research, research 

With the excitement of pregnancy, the urge to nest can be strong and it is natural to want to jump right in and start creating the nursery. Amidst all the eager anticipation, take a moment to relax and remember that you have time. This is the perfect opportunity to figure out what layout will work best for your room and just how much space you have available. Here are some things to consider during this stage: 

  • Room dimensions  
    Take the time to carefully measure out the nursery to fully understand the space you have available - before you order furniture. 
  • Layout for safety  
    Consider the placement of windows, doors, outlets, as well as potential room constraints that may dictate furniture placement. Cots, as well as any furniture that could be climbed should be away from windows for safety.  
  • Layout for functionality 
    You’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so avoid layouts that are harder to navigate and plan furniture placement around everyday actions. For example, when you’re changing, what items will you want within easy reach? How about while nursing in the rocking chair? Little considerations here will pay off significantly when it’s 3am and you’re running low on sleep! While it pays to plan ahead, don’t worry about getting everything perfect - you can always change things up as you go if needed. 
  • Determine your budget 
    Nursery furniture and decor can quickly add up, so it's essential to establish a budget early on and prioritise your spending. Consider which items are must-haves and where you can afford to splurge or save. 
  • Storage requirements 
    Assess how much storage space you currently have, and how much you will need. When considering your purchases, keep an eye out for items that incorporate storage into their design, or have multi-use functionality. For example, a chest of drawers that doubles as a change table. 


Step two: Consider room style 

The ideal nursery evokes a soothing, relaxing and serene atmosphere for both mother and baby, as they will spend a significant amount of time there together. 

There are a range of nursery room styles to suit your aesthetic preferences. Use this opportunity to mood board various styles to find your perfect fit. From Scandi, to coastal, mid-century modern, contemporary and more, understanding your overall stylistic preferences will ensure the individual furniture and accessories you choose complement one another and bring your vision to life. 

Consider extending your home’s aesthetic into the nursery. If the rest of your home is mid-century modern, a coastal nursery might seem out of place. Bringing your own, personal style preferences into the nursery as well will ensure you love it for a long time, unlike some passing trends. 


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Step three: Select key pieces first 

Choosing the right furniture is crucial for creating a functional and comfortable nursery while also setting the tone for the style of the space. Focus on items like the cot and chest of drawers as centrepieces and build from there, choosing other furniture and accessories that complement those core items. 

When selecting nursery furniture, safety should be your top priority. Look for items that meet current Australian safety standards and are free from harmful chemicals, toxins and paints. With cots, look for features such as adjustable mattress heights, quality materials, sturdy construction and great warranties. A convertible cot that grows with your child will allow you to get the most use out of it, for longer.  

Other essential furniture pieces include a chest of drawers for changing with ample storage space for nappies, wipes, clothes and other essentials, as well as a comfortable rocking chair or lounger for late-night feeds and story-time. Remember, items like chests of drawers can last until your child leave the nest, so it’s worth investing in a piece that’s high-quality enough to last for decades, while timeless enough to suit their changing room styles over the years. 


Step four: Add the cosiness factor 

Once you've addressed the practical aspects of nursery design, it's time to add personality. When choosing colours, consider the colours you already have in the room like wood and floor tones. If they are warm or have warm undertones, choosing paint, bedding and decorations that also have warm undertones can help the space feel cohesive - same goes with cool colours and undertones.  

To get that cosy feel, incorporate several different shades of the same colours as well as lots of different textures, whether through layering rugs, quilts, throws, baskets or even plants for depth and warmth. This is also the stage where you can infuse the space with a theme. From Australiana to zoo animals, botanical to nautical, fairytale to space and more, your options are truly endless! You can have a lot of fun here, collecting items that fit your theme from wallpapers, to bedding and decor items.  

However, it’s worth being mindful that children do grow quickly, so removable decor like wall stickers are an easy and affordable way to keep the room looking refreshed as your little one (and their interests) change over time.  



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Step five: Lighting, noise and airflow for ambience

Lighting plays an often-overlooked role in creating a nursery environment that is not only inviting, but conducive to quality sleep.  

We recommend soft, diffused lighting options like table or floor lamps for gentle ambiance, especially leading up to bedtime. It’s worth considering installing dimmer switches or using smart lighting options that allow you adjust the brightness levels to suit your needs.  

Blackout curtains or blinds can help filter out light during daytime naps, while sound machines, thick rugs and curtains can help absorb noise. Good airflow and temperature regulation can also go a long way in your little one’s comfort to help them stay cool in summer and warm in winter or late at night. 


Step six: Baby-proof and think like a toddler 

Safety is paramount when designing a nursery. Take the time to baby-proof the room by securing furniture to the wall to prevent tipping, covering any electrical outlets, and removing any potential hazards. 

When selecting bedding for your baby's cot, opt for a firm, breathable mattress that fits snugly without gaps. Use a fitted cot sheet and avoid loose items in the cot such as toys, pillows, throws, and even bumper pads, all of which can pose safety concerns.  

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There’s nothing better than seeing a concept become reality, especially when it’s for a space as special as your nursery! By following these simple steps, you can create a safe, comfortable, and timeless space that will promote both sweet dreams and beautiful bonding moments you will cherish for years to come. Enjoy every moment of the process as you prepare for this new chapter in your life.  



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