Decoding the Detail on CO2 Rebreathing

Decoding the Detail on CO2 Rebreathing

At BabyRest, we are on a mission to make the cot mattress as important a buying decision as the car seat. Why? Because babies spend a huge amount of time sleeping, particularly in their first years.

We know how important it is for parents and parents-to-be to feel reassured that the products they are investing in meet all the important safety standards. One way we do this at BabyRest is by continually striving to exceed industry standards and go beyond the mandatory testing.

Over the past 18 months, we have been priviledged to work closely with Dr Ron Somers, who originally developed the cot mattress firmness standard - an Australian/New Zealand standard which has been in place for over ten years and is now law in the United States – to further test our DuoCore™️ Cot Mattress, against a new test for how much CO2 a cot mattress absorbs, and a standard safe level of CO2.

The CO2 Rebreathing test has been adopted by the renowned industry association, INPAA (Infant & Nursery Products Alliance of Australia) and is highly likely to become an Australian standard later this year.

To cut to the chase… we are incredibly proud to say that the BabyRest DuoCore™️ Cot Mattress is the first cot mattress in Australia to pass the new CO2 Rebreathing Test.

BabyRest DuoCore™️ Cot Mattress

Let’s get technical for a moment, shall we…


What is the infant hazard known as CO2 Rebreathing?

CO2 rebreathing occurs when an infant’s exhaled breath is captured by their bedding and then released back into the infant when the infant inhales, thereby lowering the infant’s oxygen levels.   Such CO2 rebreathing can cause suffocation, which is one form of Sudden Infant Death (SIDS).  CO2 rebreathing is most likely to occur when an infant turns face down during the first year of life, when they cannot easily right themselves.


Some things to know about a cot mattress, in relation to CO2 Rebreathing…

Your baby is not expected to breathe through their cot mattress. While some brands in the market claim to have breathable mattresses; a cot mattress that is ‘breathable’ may pose a risk of CO2 rebreathing, as the mattress can absorb too much CO2.

Although your baby is not expected to breathe through their cot mattress, a safe level of ventilation is beneficial, as it helps keep the materials fresh and hygienic and regulates the temperature of the mattress.  This applies even with a mattress protector on top.

If a cot mattress is too ventilated it is likely to absorb too much CO2 and fail the CO2 rebreathing test. However, if a cot mattress is not ventilated at all, it may become hot and sweaty. Babies cannot regulate their own body temperature, so a ventilated mattress is important.

You can also read more about safe sleep recommendations from Red Nose here.


More reasons to love our DuoCore™️ Cot Mattress!

Our DuoCore™️ Cot Mattress is loved and trusted by parents – so much so, that it was awarded 100% Choice Recommendation in 2020, 2021 and 2022 alongside a Bounty Baby Award in 2020.

Take a look at the amazing benefits of our DuoCore™️ Cot Mattress and if you have any questions, we are always here to help!


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