4 Convertible nursery essentials

4 Convertible nursery essentials

We’re never prepared for just how fast our little ones grow. While there is a lot of joy associated with each new milestone, nostalgia sure can hit hard when they outgrow their favorite clothes and toys, not to mention bigger items like the cot! 

At BabyRest, we're enthusiastic advocates of baby and toddler products that adapt and grow alongside your children and any siblings who may come along. This approach not only provides a sense of continuity and comfort for your little one but also contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing overall consumption - not to mention it tends to be far better for your wallet in the long run!  

Join us as we share what to look for in nursery items that grow with your little one, as well as four innovative nursery items specifically designed to evolve with your little one’s changing needs over time. Chances are, there are more adaptable items than you might think! 


What to look for in convertible nursery essentials 

  • Functionality 
    Items that have multiple uses can replace several objects. Not only does that mean less things to buy, but also less things to build (hello flat packs) and store. Now that’s a win in our books! Before buying anything, consider the versatile new ways it can be used as your little one grows and whether it will make your life easier as a new parent. 
  • Quality that endures 
    When you’re planning to use an item for several years (or even several kids), nothing matters more than quality. Look for pieces crafted from durable materials, built to withstand the rigors of daily use over several years and rough toddler play. 
  • Timeless style 
    Trends change faster than we can keep track of them, so if you're investing in convertible items you plan to use for many years, it’s best to veer away from fast furniture. To prevent the items from making your room feel prematurely dated, choose styles that exude timeless elegance, and will look just as beautiful in a toddler - or even teenager’s room - as they do in a nursery. Hint: natural wood tones and quality craftsmanship never go out of style. 
Convertible BabyRest cots to toddler beds are designed to grow with your child as they reach new milestones


4 smart nursery investments that will last beyond the newborn (or even toddler) stage 

Convertible cots: Versatile sleeping solutions for every stage

The cot is often one of the first or biggest nursery purchases. It, is, after all, the centerpiece of your baby's nursery, making it a crucial investment. However, traditional cots can quickly become obsolete as your child grows.  

That's where convertible cots come in. Products like the innovative BabyRest 3-in-1 range or the brand-new 4-in-1 BabyRest Amara cot and Amara Junior bed offer unparalleled versatility by transforming from a bassinet to a cot and finally to a toddler Junior bed. With adjustable mattress heights and removable side rails, these cots adapt to your child's developmental milestones, ensuring years of comfortable sleep.  

By investing in a convertible cot, you eliminate the need for a separate toddler bed before a single bed. Making the change to ‘big kid bed’ is less overwhelming to little ones when it’s the cot they’ve been sleeping in since birth… just with a few changes. A seamless transition benefits everyone: your little one is more likely to stick to their new sleeping space if they feel comfortable, which means less nighttime visits to your bed. A win-win! 


Meet the BabyRest DuoCore cot mattress


Baby to toddler mattress: Tailored support for restful sleep 

Quality sleep is essential for your baby's overall well-being and development, however most people will use the same mattress for their child from newborn until they are old enough for a single bed. That can be around 4 years of essentially using a mattress optimised for newborns who need extra firmness. Considering we know how much a sub-par mattress impedes our own sleep, this just doesn’t make sense! 

The BabyRest DuoCore mattress revolutionises your child’s sleeping experience with its dual-sided technology. It’s one mattress, but with an engineered foam core and two distinct different levels of comfort and support. Designed for newborns through toddlers, this mattress provides optimal support and comfort at every stage of your child's growth. Simply flip the mattress from the baby side to the toddler side once your little one reaches 12 months, ensuring continued restful sleep.  

Did we mention the DuoCore is also made in Australia, features reinforced sides for added safety, ventilation channels for airflow and has a natural, washable bamboo cover? Now that sounds like a no brainer, because we know that if baby sleeps soundly, mum and dad can too. 


The right chest of drawers will adapt to your child's changing room over the years


Chests of drawers: Functional and timeless nursery storage 

A well-equipped nursery requires ample storage for clothing, nappies, and other essentials. A chest of drawers not only provides practical storage solutions but also adds aesthetic appeal to the room. Unlike cots or rocking chairs, a nursery chest is a versatile piece of furniture that your child won't outgrow. In fact, if you choose a quality chest designed to last, your child will likely still be using it when they’re in Year 12. Just picture that! 
Look for chests designed with both baby and adolescent needs in mind, featuring soft-close drawers and timeless designs that seamlessly blend with your home decor. Investing in a quality chest of drawers ensures that it remains a cherished piece of furniture throughout your child's early years and well beyond. 
Designed to be just as beautiful paired with their matching cots as they are without, BabyRest offers a range of high-quality chests to suit several design aesthetic, with a range of drawer configurations, sizes and colours to choose from. 


The Amara library


Bookshelves: Organisational and decorative elements for nurseries 

Like a quality chest of drawers, the right bookshelf is designed with life after baby in mind. Afterall, encouraging a love for reading starts early, and a well-designed bookshelf can help foster both an interest in reading and organisation.  

The BabyRest Amara library is more than just a bookshelf; it's a stylish storage solution crafted to display everything from baby's first books to treasured mementos like trophies, photos, figurines and other prized possessions collected over the years. With both open and closed storage, you and eventually your child can choose what is on display and what is neatly tucked away.

Choosing a quality, durable bookshelf that looks as at home in a nursery as it does in a teenager’s room is no small feat, but when you find the right one, it allows it to grow alongside your child, transitioning from a nursery staple to a versatile storage unit loved for years to come. 

Convertible and multi-use nursery products offer practicality, longevity, and versatility for parents everywhere. By investing in these smart solutions, you can streamline your purchases while simultaneously creating a nurturing environment that adapts to your child's evolving needs.  

Ultimately, investing in items that grow with your child is more than just a sentimental, practical or economical decision—it's a commitment to sustainability and a celebration of quality craftsmanship. (And it means assembling less flatpack furniture over the years.)  

From convertible cots to dual-sided mattresses, to functional bookshelves and chests of drawers, these products are more than just another nursery purchase: they're investments in your child's future and your peace of mind as a parent. So, follow your heart and choose nursery essentials with a difference. 

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